Makes you move


We automatically make sure that your system is always up to date. You also don't have to manage backup or data storage. You no longer need to have advanced knowledge of technology or have special IT staff employed. The information is stored and backed up in our computer systems that are built for very high availability and security. Everything to make it easy and safe for you.

Traffic Management

Taxiteknik provides a web-based traffic management system. The system is very cost effective and is suitable for all types of taxi, bus and transport companies. Examples of functionality are, live map, autodispatch, customer register, invoicing, billing and much more.


Taxiteknik's driver app is the app where the driver handles all driving assignments such as start a journey, finish a trip and pay with a card, swish or invoice. This is also where you accept the driving assignments sent from the traffic management. Of course, as a driver you can easily get statistics directly in the app such as run-in, number of trips etc.


Taxitekniks white label (fully customized with your own branding) - booking app is developed to suit all types of taxi companies. Offer your customers a fast, user-friendly and intuitive booking experience. Supports all forms of electronic payment, credit card, debit card, PayPal account or business accounts. Works on both Android and iOS.